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About Us

About Us

“VR1” established in Year 2018, A Team of like minded people with a Mission "Connecting World Together", Provide Training and Support to succeed in the Business.

The founders of the “VR1” are Industrialist having experience of 35 years and Successful Networker with vast experience. This team is headed by Shri Rajesh Bohra who is an Author of his upcoming Book,” Unlock your destiny with Network Marketing.

Main Motto of “VR1” is connecting the people on planet earth together and transforms their life by providing a wonderful business opportunity. Train people so one can grow personally and become the leader in all areas of one’s life viz Health, Wealth, Family, Business, Social and Spiritual. If you have a Vision/ Dream /Goal “VR1” provides you a solid vehicle to reach your dreams and works as a fuel to make your journey smooth, easy and enjoyable.

You can find the purpose of your life.
“VR1” is not a physical entity but one who is a part of system can represent him/her self as “VR1”
“VR1” is committed to create leaders.
“VR1” provides Training..........

• For Personal Development
• For Business Development
• Support in opening & developing new markets
• Provide tools to develop your business-like Business Seminar, Dhamaka Events, Presentation DVD, and Program on Effective Communication Skills etc.... Welcome to the family of VR1


SUCCESS = DREAM + Vehicle + Support System

When can we one is successful? When one achieves one’s dream in right time, with right intentions and have sense of fulfillment. Not all peoples achieve success and have unfulfillment in life, not because they don’t dream it but because they don’t have the right vehicle and support system to drive the vehicle.

VR1 is committed to help any one who have a big dream but not have the right vehicle to get to their dreams. We have right vehicle (opportunity) and we teach, guide and mentor you how to drive vehicles by support system so you can achieve your dreams.

We are Partner with Wellness Industries:
Wellness is a 4trillion dollar industries and its business will be multifold in coming years and it has a long and consisting growth rate, We are distributors with following companies,

1- Welocity Life Science Pvt Ltd
2- Enagic Kangen Water India Pvt Ltd.
Both are strong vehicles that not only help you in keeping you healthy but also give you an opportunity to earns crores of rupees or millions of dollars if you choose to work with us and achieve a big dream.

Lets check out the company or our vehicles, will they help you to achieve your dreams.