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Enagic Kangen Water India

1- EnagicKangen Water India

The Enagic Corporation believes in empowering people through the direct-sales marketing system. Our independent and passionate distributors love to speak about the benefits of Kangen Water® to other as they build their own personal wealth.

Ours is a family that supports one another to achieve universal success. Our business opportunity has been sometimes referred to as “personal growth with a compensation plan” because we want our team to grow financially and as individuals.

As a result of this philosophy, our global distributors are able to achieve financial freedom and realize their dreams while promoting a product they believe in and truly love.

Corporate Philosophy & the True Health Principles

1. Realizing true physical health … through pure and healthy drinking water

2. Realizing true financial health … through a wealth-developing business opportunity.

3. Realizing true mental / metaphysical health … through personal growth and finding contentment in all aspects of life.

Our purpose is to spread these truths through healthy drinking water, an exciting business and personal growth.
This unique business opportunity encompasses: Body, Mind, and Finances – the keys to a holistic, healthy, and joyful life!
Thousands of people worldwide had experienced the wellness that this revolutionary product brings. Hospitals in Japan have used and trusted this exact product for years.

EnagicKangen Water Devices:
Enagic® - A Revolutionary Company

"The source of happiness and longevity is in water."

Enagic® is a privately owned Japanese company providing people with clean alkaline water-making machines for over 40 years. Since Hironari Oshiro founded the company in 1974, it has expanded internationally, opening Enagic® USA with offices in Los Angeles, Honolulu, New York and Chicago, as well as offices in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany and most recently, Malaysia! See all the branches here.

Enagic® stands behind every product. The SD501 carries a full 5 year warranty! The home-spa unit ANESPA and the SUPER501 are backed by a solid 3 year warranty. With such an assurance of quality, you will never regret purchasing an Enagic® Kangen Water® machine.

Enagic® has received numerous certifications throughout the years.