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Offer business opportunity

Offer business opportunity

a) Team VR1 is established to offer a business opportunity that is the need of the future and where by a business opportunity so one can start his/her business independently.

What are the business opportunities?
It offers for the First Time in India, the Life Time Genetic Program, It Help you to get the blue print of the body with DNA Test through Saliva with Nutrigenomics Science support you in reversing and preventing the diseases.
Each person must know his body and prevent diseases. Details on products section.

Company Also offer various health supplements products to protect your body from Inflammation, give Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammation products.

Our Mission Healthy People Healthy Nation.

b) Enagic Kangen Water
Miracle water producing devises from Japan for more than 45 years supplying to all over the world from Japan. It converts ordinary water in to miracle water by adding 3 unique values. They are,
1       Anti-Oxidant, Anti-aging or also known as negative water.
2       Alkaline Water
3       Micro Clustering Water

This devise produces 5 different types of water to make you happy healthy and energetic. Details on products section. Our Mission Change your water change your life.